Friday, March 3, 2023

 Happy Friday Scout Family!  I hope you all enjoy a fun weekend ahead!  Thank you once again to all of you that helped with the Blue and Gold Ceremony!  If you have not quite earned your rank badge yet, no worries!  You are not alone.  Many of you still have requirements to fulfill but you have until the end of the school year to do that!  Please reach out to your den leaders (and often) to ask how your scout is doing and what they need to work on.  Our leaders try hard to keep you informed but sometimes the message does not come keep reaching out to them!

There are still so many things to look forward to and fun to be had!  

March 27 will be our Space Theme Pack meeting.  Wear class A uniform. There will be shuttle building with races, games provided by our Bears and learning about planets and orbits!  

NASA trip - April 1 to 2.  An email was sent a few minutes ago to those participants.  If you think you are going and did not get that email, please let me know ASAP!

STEM reward day at Cotton Hills Farm for those that sold over 50 scout cards - May 6.  If you are eligible to attend you will receive more info soon. 

Morrow Mountain Camping weekend - May 12-14.  Sign ups coming soon.  Come Friday, May 12 to set up if you like.  We'll do tacos for dinner and just relax.  Program and fun will begin at 8am on Saturday May 13.  Come for the day or camp both nights!

Spring Picnic and final Pack meeting for this school year - May 22.  This will be the last meeting we have but activities will happen all summer long!

York District Day Camp - this will be the second or third week in June.  Expect 5 fun days for scouts.  Held usually between 8 or 9 am until sometime around 4pm.  More to follow.

Summer Resident Cub Scout Camp - June 14 - 17.  This is a two night summer camp for rising Wolves through AOLs.  Lions and Tigers are still a bit too young to participate.  At this point, parents are not required to attend but are very welcome to. All adults must complete Youth Protection Training.  As long as we have enough registered leaders per scout ratio we will be good.  Cost is $180 for scouts and $85 for adults and leaders. Deposit of $50 per person is due April 10. For more information and to register, check your email!

This should keep you busy for a while!

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