Monday, September 4, 2023

Pack 109 Updates - 9/3/2023

 Good morning Pack family! I hope you all are enjoying a family filled Labor Day! There are a lot of updates to cover so read carefully!

- tee shirt and hoodie orders close tomorrow! Order here: These are optional and not required to have. Good for all troops and cubs.

- Gold Rush sign ups are ready! Deadline to sign up will be Sept 25. This is our big campout for the fall and open to all cubs and their families. If you have a troop scout, be sure to talk to their leader about signing up if going.

- Every scout and leader must have a current medical A/B form on file with us. Please fill out this form and bring to next meeting. We will have copies available if you do not have access to a printer at the next meeting. Also, if any siblings or parents are coming to Gold Rush, you must fill one out for that.

- Yorktown plans are almost finalized. Make sure to put the weekend of Dec 1-3 on your calendar! This is open to all cubs 7 years old and above. There will be no exception, sorry.

- There will be no meeting tomorrow night for Labor Day. We will see you back for our regular den meetings on Sept 11! Remember that the scout shop will be there to help you with any orders you may want to make with delivery the following week to our meeting.

For more information on the above events, please see

Check us out at and our private group at

Teresa Antonucci