Friday, September 15, 2023

SuperNOVA club starting soon!

 What is SuperNOVA

Within our scouting program we focus a lot on STEM. Cub Scouts and Troop BSA both have opportunities throughout the program to earn NOVA awards. These are typically 1 to 2 day explorations into a particular STEM topic. These can be accomplished during a scout unit outing to a place with resources, e.g. a national park with an archeology focus.

SuperNOVAs are a huge step above the regular NOVA award and are 6 to 24 month in-depth explorations for scouts to practice being a scientist. These awards are significant commitments that require guidance from trained SuperNOVA mentors. Here at Pack 109 we have our very own SuperNOVA mentors that guide this club into achieving great things in science. We are about to begin our club meetings and it's time to find out who wants to be a part of this amazing club. Space is limited so scouts are required to apply this year.

Scouts are split into two groups this year.
- Junior SuperNOVA club will be open to Wolves and Bears only. Meetings will be held the 1st Monday of every month, starting Oct 2nd, immediately following the den meetings. Topic will be Lego Engineering until the end of the year and then Geology.
- Senior SuperNOVA club will be open to Webelos, AOLs and Troop scouts. Meetings will be held 2nd Monday of every month, starting Oct 9th, immediately following den meetings. Topic will be Lego Robotics until end of year and then move on to other topics.
***Lego engineering and robotics are courtesy of partnership with RHSD3.

Application Process
From Lego, have your scout build their vision of a robot that would help them uphold the scout oath. Take a picture of the build and discuss the build with them. Fill out the form (found here: You will need to attach the picture to the form and have your scout describe their robot. Submit form by 9/26. If selected, there will be a $20 materials fee required. Scouts will be notified if selected by 9/28. Financial assistance available, if needed.

Teresa Antonucci

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