Monday, January 29, 2024

Pack 109 Updates and Recharter - 12/11/2023

Hi Scout Family!!

Tonight we will hold our last regular den meetings of the year. Hard to believe!! Next Monday is our Christmas Party! For those of you that sold popcorn, your scout(s) is invited to come early next Monday at 5:45 to enjoy a pizza party! This is for the scouts only and only for those that sold popcorn. Our regular 
Pack Party will start at 6:30 in the gym. Wear your favorite holiday pajamas!!!! We will do prizes for our top popcorn sellers, hand out some special awards our scouts have earned. The top two popcorn sellers in each rank will even get to pie a leader in the face! The night finishes off with a special guest that will hand out their pinewood derby car kits! Christmas break is a perfect time to get those designs started! There will be a special workshop to help those cut cars that do not have access to tools mid-January.

THIS IS IMPORTANT --- Tonight is the FINAL night to tell us if you plan to stay in scouting with Pack 109 for the next year. We will also need to have payment made asap. If we have your information your Troop Web Host account has been charged under the adult account and all fundraising has been accounted for. If you show a negative balance in TWH, that is what you owe. If there is a positive balance, you either haven't been charged (check details) or you had enough to cover from fundraising. If we do not hear from you we will assume you are not coming back. Our paperwork has to be completed this week for Nationals. If you do not recharter and do come back, you will have to fill out a new application and make payment at that time. Feel free to bring cash or check TONIGHT if you do not want to pay by credit card.

To make payment in troop web host you go under Menu/MyStuff/MyFamily. From there you can see details in each account of your family or you can Make Online Payment.

Cubmaster Teresa

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